Maximum length of a table name in MySQL

The following table describes the maximum length for each type of identifier.

Identifier Maximum Length (characters)
Database 64 (NDB storage engine: 63)
Table 64 (NDB storage engine: 63)
Column 64
Index 64
Constraint 64
Stored Program 64
View 64
Tablespace 64
Server 64
Log File Group 64
Alias 256 (see exception following table)
Compound Statement Label 16
User-Defined Variable 64 as of MySQL 5.7.5, no limit before that


Aliases for column names in CREATE VIEW statements are checked against the maximum column length of 64 characters (not the maximum alias length of 256 characters).

Identifiers are stored using Unicode (UTF-8). This applies to identifiers in table definitions that are stored in .frm files and to identifiers stored in the grant tables in the mysql database. The sizes of the identifier string columns in the grant tables are measured in characters. You can use multibyte characters without reducing the number of characters permitted for values stored in these columns. As indicated earlier, the permissible Unicode characters are those in the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP). Supplementary characters are not permitted.

MySQL Cluster imposes a maximum length of 63 characters for names of databases and tables. See Section, “Limits Associated with Database Objects in MySQL Cluster”.


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